Every day in Edmonds

By Joanne Peterson | Jun 20, 2013

During the years I lived on the dry side of the Cascades, I drove several hours over the mountains to Edmonds every June for the Edmonds Arts Festival.

It was as much a ritual to make that trip as it was to come home for Christmas every December.

Now that I’m home again in Edmonds, it’s easy to attend the Arts Festival.  I can just a walk up the hill, and I’m there.

Our wonderful festival is a treat for the senses:  amazing art on display and for sale: paper, fabric, leather, silver, glass, wood, iron—with tempting “fair food” available at either end of the field, the same field where young classmates and I played softball when we were in grade school.

Arts festivals are happy events—I never heard a baby cry all afternoon. The only dogs I saw were in a stroller. Everyone was cheerful.

The sound of music drifted east from the stage, offering festival-goers an opportunity to claim a chair and rest for a while, entertained by a variety of performers.

Last year, I lamented that there was no festival poster for sale. I was told that sales in recent years did not indicate a strong market for the poster—people said they liked the idea, but they were not buying.

I was delighted to see that this year the poster would be back, this time a burst of colorful poppies, water, ferry, mountains—a fresh and appealing interpretation of Edmonds by Kate Larsson. Good news!

Bad news for me, though. By the time I attended the Edmonds Arts Festival on Sunday, the posters were sold out. SOLD OUT?  What a disappointment.

Of course, I was pleased to learn that bringing back the poster was a success—but I really wanted one!  For many years I made it a point to be at the festival on Friday in order to purchase a poster before the inevitable sell-out.

Oh, well, nobody’s fault but my own. I hope next year there’s another engaging work by an artist who catches the essence of Edmonds. And I hope next year there’s a return of the young artist poster, too.

After the splendid weather Edmonds residents and visitors enjoyed during the Arts Festival, it’s easy to feel that summer is here—which, of course, it officially is, this week.

We’ll have more rain, of course, but recently our town has been flooded with sunshine.

Thanks to the Edmonds Parks and Rec people for dressing up every corner with assorted plants and lining the streets with colorful hanging baskets.

Thanks, too, to folks who have adopted a number of street corners and flower baskets, helping out their town at a time the city budget is stretched. Thanks to merchants for their floral décor, too.

Summertime. Sun glancing off salt water, kids out of school, families enjoying parks, beaches and gardens—every day is An Edmonds Kind of Day. I’m glad I’m home again.


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