Enough with the alarmists, already

By John Pierre | Feb 27, 2014

What's all this talk about "climate change?"  First it was "global warming" and then, because there wasn't any warming trend, it became climate change.

I've lived through a few climate changes in my short time on this planet, and the crepe hangers seem to make an issue out of each of them

As I recall, in the ’70s we were told, most forcefully, that a new ice age was going to swallow up our country along with almost every other country on earth.  What happened?  Nothing.

Then, along came Al Gore who made a bucket of money for something close to 10 years expounding upon the dangers of global warming.  What'll he be able to convert into money now that global warming has disappeared into the atmosphere?  Maybe he should delve into innie bellybuttons vs. outie ones.

Then John Kerry joins the parade by declaring climate change to be a "weapon of mass destruction."  Do these people ever get tired of their own ridiculous verbosity?

It is my understanding that the earth has been warming and cooling cyclically throughout its history.  There was, once, a vast cover of ice over most of our America.  At least that's what the signs on the earth's crust would indicate.

Recently, we've had a spell of unique cold and heavy snow on the East Coast while California has had a massive hot, dry spell, a situation that is not unlike the dust bowl that happened in the early 1900s across much of the south.

Farmers in California are suffering for lack of water, much of which could quickly be made available to them if it weren't for the need to keep the pollywogs happy ... or was it fresh water smelt?

Which group of boneheads decided these aquatic beings were more important than humans?  Join them if you don't mind the possibility of having to pay $4 for an orange or a similar sum for your favorite guacamole concoction.

When are we going to learn to moderate extremism with good sense?  Just watch out that you don't get hit by a falling icicle while global warming is causing hot flashes.

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