Enforce the fireworks ban

By Melinda Baker | Jul 18, 2013

Dear Mr. Earling,

I am very concerned about the July 4th, 2013 celebration in my neighborhood.

As you are aware, fireworks are banned in the City of Edmonds. A colorful and safe presentation of fireworks takes place annually at Civic Field in Edmonds for the public to enjoy.

What took place on July 4th in my neighborhood began in earnest after the fireworks display at the Edmonds Civic Field.

For four hours there were large explosions that shook the walls of our homes and frightened our animals.

My own dog spent four hours barking in frenzy due to the noise even though I had moved him to the quietest area of our home and closed all the windows and turned on the television.

My husband was awake very late as well due to the explosions and noise that continued unabated throughout the night into the early morning hours.

There is a reason for the ban on fireworks and I am concerned that if left unenforced, we may see some consequences of this behavior such as a severe injury or a fire.

I am urging you and the Edmonds Police and Fire departments to become more proactive in enforcing the fireworks ban. It is a matter of public safety.

This overt disregard for Washington State Fireworks Law by local residents mars the quality of lifestyle that we have chosen as residents of Edmonds.

I would hope my next Fourth of July would be better.


Melinda Baker

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