Empty park

By Dave Page | Jun 07, 2012


On mothers day, Mindy and I drove by the park in Lynnwood, just to the left up on 196th and Highway 99.

It was full of people. I would say crammed full.

It was a beautiful day so we just drove around looking at the sites.

We ended up at our new park at Haines wharf.

Guess what? Nobody – I mean not one person was there. Empty park.

Since then,  I have visited the park on six sunny days. One time, a dad was swinging his daughter or grand daughter on a swing.

2 million bucks. Go figure.


Dave Page

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Posted by: Jim Shelton | Jun 07, 2012 16:11

I live in the area and I have noticed the same thing.  What were we thinking when the city approved this project?  Who really benefited from this?  And now we get to spend more general fund money to maintain (material, labor, benefits) another park.

Posted by: Ron Johnson | Jun 07, 2012 17:45

Evidently our elected officials in Edmonds support costly projects without any regard for need, citizen desire, or cost.  When asked for reports on these projects the answer is silence.  Cost overrun is a many used term.  How much did the Haines wharf go over budget?  Wasn't there a fight and accusations between the council and previous mayor?  Where are we at with 5 corners?  Why was the Skippers property an issue?  How about doing return on investment (ROI) studies, BEFORE new projects.  A 2 million dollar empty park?  Absolutely unbelievable.  Citizens are becoming too used to dysfunctional government.  Washington, DC may be beyond our control, but Edmonds isn't.

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