Emergency access solution is simple, cheap

Dec 24, 2013


Is “emergency access to the waterfront” a priority? OR an excuse to fulfill some other wishes?

“Emergency access to the waterfront” can be in place in a few months, period.

A combination staircase/elevator on either side of the track, with adjoining bridge. How difficult is that?

How difficult to negotiate with the ferry department to store a bed on wheels and modified electric golf cart so that anyone can quickly be moved to the elevator, and up and over and down the other side to a waiting emergency aid vehicle?

And how hard to negotiate with Burlington Northern to allow a bridge - for emergency access?

I've used such a bridge several times in Southern California, at a train station.

A couple of months ago I presented the idea to Mr. Williams (Phil Williams is the Public Works director) – at a City Council meeting, then followed up by sending the concept to all members of the city council and mayor.

To date – exactly – ZERO comments.

At this time, I can only see this as an excuse to spend millions of tax dollars – whether they come through local, state or federal bookkeeping – and “job security.”

Victor Eskenazi


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