Elusive coal dust

By Steven Keeler | Apr 12, 2012


John Watt and Bart Cronin ( letters, March 29, Beacon ) can rest assured that their observations are both understood by many others, even if not mentioned in recent articles, and are worthy of pointing out or pointing out again.

These are the sorts of facts that the Sierra club and Greenpeace do NOT want publicized.

Strom Peterson's ( Guestview, March 22 Beacon ) article of fantasy does go considerably toward illustrating the city council's worth.  The Edmonds' city council, for the most part, motivated  by a desire for personal redemption, seek to make a difference, without real concern for the outcome.

An example:  there is no rational for wasting a considerable amount of tax money on make over of a certain, functional 5 way intersection in Edmonds.

I have walked along the train tracks also, searching for this elusive layer of coal dust.

Perhaps Mr. Peterson can share his knowledge of exact locations?


Steven Keeler

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