Edmonds is going to the dogs

By Doreen Duggan | Jul 08, 2013


Responding to the person who thought we should have a city ordinance in Edmonds preventing people leaving their dogs in the car without providing their four legged friends with any shade.

I have the answer... we don't need another ordinance in Edmonds, just LEAVE THE POOCH AT HOME

Edmonds will soon be renamed "Dog City", why oh why do dog owners have to drag their dog everywhere they go nowadays?

A dog needs to be at home playing in the backyard not sitting outside Starbucks waiting for its owner to finish a cup of coffee.

I'm sure dogs are not enamored with this practice either; maybe if you don't have a yard you shouldn't have a dog.

I'm very much a dog lover but hate to see dogs dragged around on the sidewalks of downtown and being miserable especially during hot weather.


Doreen Duggan

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