Edmonds is already a walkable city | Letter

Aug 28, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Thanks Wally Bergquist for your letter regarding sunset on Sunset [“Time for sunset on walkway project,” The Beacon, page 5, Aug. 21].

I agree wholeheartedly. Doesn’t Mr. Williams have anything better to do than spend $20,000 of the citizens’ money on a “Proof of Concept” paint striping project?

And for the council to buy into it! How inane is it to stripe the road?

Mr. Peterson’s comment, “If they (just who is they?) really want Edmonds to be a walkable city, then this is phenomenal project.” Phenomenal my left foot. We are already a walkable city.

Then the “good grant writer” will come in and ask for federal money, and then tout that it will not cost us a penny.

Federal money is not free. It’s our money. The rules and stipulations that come with a federal grant include so many regulations as to how any project can proceed, and then of course that puts the city in the position to shell out more money.

On and on and on and so forth …

Tell me about Five Corners ...


Annette Border



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