Edmonds Cidery launches with apple cranberry hard cider

Dec 03, 2015
Courtesy of: Core Hero Core Hero is made with local apples grown in Edmonds, Eastern Washington and Lopez Island, as shown here just before picking the 2015 harvest in October.

There’s a new way to enjoy cranberries with your holiday dinners – or anytime – and it’s handcrafted in Edmonds by Core Hero Hard Cider.

Apple cranberry hard cider is one of two varieties launching in November after the drinks’ pre-launch at the Edmonds Summer Farmers Market.

“Visitors at the farmers market kept asking me where they can buy more of the hard cider they were sampling and buying,” Core Hero Hard Cider Owner Steve Kaiser said. “The enthusiastic support for local hard cider encouraged me to take the next step and make it more widely available.”

Kaiser added that hard cider sales, as a drink category, have grown 180 percent from 2011 to 2014, according to Impact Databank Cider Report.

“Even though hard cider was more popular than beer or wine during colonial times,” Kaiser said, “only in recent years has it taken off much like microbreweries did in the Seattle area during the 1980s.”

According to Kaiser, demand for cider apples is so high all of a sudden that there’s a supply shortage.

Many cideries use a type of apple grown only for hard cider and these apples can’t be found in grocery stores. The rare apples are higher in tannins and have other flavor characteristics that make them a poor choice for eating fresh but make an excellent cider.

“I blend hard cider apples with regular apples and crab apples grown in Edmonds, Lopez Island and Quincy,” Kaiser said. “For the apple cranberry cider, I add locally grown fresh cranberries during the fermentation stage so the color is released to give the drink a blush red hue.

“I don’t use apple concentrate from China or other questionable cost-saving methods because I believe there’s a difference you can taste.”

Core Hero is available at PCC Natural Markets in Edmonds. For more information, visit www.coreherohardcider.com.




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