Edmonds' bridge to nowhere | Editor's Note

By Brian Soergel | Jun 26, 2019

Last week’s lead story on the defeat of the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector began this way:

“In a victory for those who want to keep a sparsely used beach in Edmonds just the way it is – it doesn’t even have an official name – the City Council voted Tuesday not to proceed with the next phase … ”

I might have been a bit clearer on two points.

First, I might have picked a little less combative adjective than “sparsely.” But there may have been some confusion in my intent, as I intended to mean the beach north of the jetty, not the popular Brackett’s Landing North just south of the jetty and abutting the ferry dock.

“Sparse,” though?

I hold to that, as in my 20 years here I’ve rarely seen it jammed with humanity – even on summer weekends – like Marina Beach, Olympic Beach, and South Brackett and North Brackett beaches are.

It’s true that it is unnamed, according to Parks and Rec Director Carrie Hite. Unfortunately, I explained that fact in a different story, in a profile of Cam Tripp, who led the citizen revolt against the connector.

“The beach north of the jetty, in my understanding,” said Hite, “does not have a name in our parks plan, or inventory list.”

Speaking of clarity, some readers thought I gave too much coverage to Councilmember Neil Tibbott in the story. I had emailed him the day after the vote to get his thoughts.

Giving space to Tibbott – who is running for Edmonds mayor – was crucial to the story, as some had assumed Councilmember Kristiana Johnson would be the swing vote for phase 2, which would have authorized Mayor Dave Earling to give consultant Parametrix the OK to proceed with a $2.35 million design, permitting, and collecting of environment documents.

Tibbott’s vote drew gasps from the audience, who then cheered his decision.

Ultimately, the Beacon gave extended coverage to two people involved in the defeat of the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector: Neil Tibbott and Cam Tripp.



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