Edmonds already has plenty of charm

Jan 16, 2014


The City Council is right back at it!  Limiting what business can move in downtown?

I’m with the realtors.  I thought there already was downtown charm.  I thought so the many times I was here before moving to the Bowl.

The last time I was in downtown Kirkland there were a lot of empty storefronts under those condos. Maybe it’s changed.

Comparison to Walnut Creek seems a little absurd given its close proximity to Oakland and San Francisco.

We don’t need a strictly pedestrian “mall” because there are no places for people to park their cars upon arriving in town.

Ms. Fraley-Monillas should walk here and spend her money here.

Sandwich boards are needed for the businesses that are beyond the boundaries of the fountain.  How else are visitors and residents to know where they are located?

The council should also realize that the Bowl is not the whole of Edmonds.

Annette Border


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