Easy fixes for everyday problems

By John Pierre | Apr 12, 2012

My friend Larry (he's one of the "49ers" who gather in the lounge at Claires every Tuesday for lunch) brought my attention back to the parking problems in Edmonds.

I've addressed this subject in the past but, then, I've written about the stupidity of the planned remodeling of Five Corners more than once ... soooo ... what the hey.

Edmonds has a parking problem and it isn't entirely because of a lack of area where parking is permitted but, rather, is partially attributable to the dolts who either don't know how to parallel park or just don't care about other motorist's needs.

Larry bemoaned the fact that recently he was deprived of a space to park because two stupidly parked cars managed to kill enough space in which four cars could fit nicely.

If there is a 45 or 50 foot space and one car parks spang in the middle of it, the space for another auto is automatically eliminated.

While not perfect (because boneheads are continuing to renew their driver's licenses) if the city would buy a few gallons of white paint to define where the front and back of a normal sized car should be located (including jockeying space) it would relieve, to a degree, the parking problems in downtown Edmonds.

But alas ... they would apparently rather spend three or four (or more) million dollars and many months of construction, sufficient to kill several nearby businesses, on an un-needed remodeling of the smooth operating intersection at Five Corners.

Who is in charge of the running of this zoo?  The monkeys?

It appears to me that it's high time we sought a recall election on some of the members of our city council.

It won't happen but it's fun to dream.

It's more than a little frustrating to look for a parking space in the Edmonds core only to find that one vehicle is taking up so much of an available area that only three quarters of your own auto will fit into the remaining empty pavement.

Unlike 007, normal drivers cannot accomplish that miracle.

C'mon, Edmonds!  Pay attention to the inexpensive improvements that our beautiful city is in desperate need of and forget about remaking the face of the man in the moon.

I call upon the newly-elected Mayor and the barely-changed City Council to commit a few hundred dollars to a few buckets of paint to define where a normal length car should fit, always including enough space for jockeying.

Again ... that won't suffice to persuade the not-very-bright drivers to park correctly but it should affect an appreciable improvement of the limited parking in our beautiful City By The Sea.

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