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Jul 20, 2018

City, school and water districts dumping money down the drain

I am reaching out as a Olympic View Water and Sewer customer, Edmonds School District parent, taxpayer, registered voter and concerned Edmonds community member, as a local situation is escalating and is already affecting so much more than just Madrona K-8 families.

The new 50-plus million-dollar school is going to sit vacant for the foreseeable future due to people of power – in elected positions – not doing their jobs. Olympic View Water, the Edmonds School District and the City of Edmonds have created a nightmare for our beloved teachers, their students, taxpayers and our community as a whole.

We are now forced to do their jobs, and we are scrambling.

This situation is complicated, but what it boils down to is that these officials and their organizations have been neglectful, prideful, unprofessional and petty, providing no benefit to the constitutes they were elected to serve.

Money is being mismanaged, families have lost before- and after-school options, there are questions of water safety, and so much more. Our school district has/is strategically releasing information to keep this as quiet as possible; Olympic View has regularly scheduled meetings and refuses to put the Madrona water issue on the docket.

They say there is nothing new to report. Let that sink in. It’s been weeks since the last meeting, and there is NOTHING TO REPORT. Mitigation has been agreed upon by both parties, after two years of unsuccessful communication, but there is no set date when this will begin.

This is not a new issue. It has been documented for over two years. Yet Olympic View, EDS and the City of Edmonds allowed this to come to a head, and now taxpayers money and trust are being dumped down the drain.

They together have not only allowed this to happen, but will likely stay at a stalemate unless we show up, get loud and demand answers and a resolution.

I am imploring those whose children attend an ESD school, taxpayers, community members and all those who voted to fund these new schools to start emailing, calling, posting on social media, contacting local media outlets, and demand that these high-ranking officials sit down together and make this right or bow out immediately so someone else can.

This has become so much bigger than an inconvenience to the 600-plus students who attend Madrona K-8 and their families.

Contacts: Edmonds School District, Kris McDuffy, 425-431-7003, Mcduffyk278@edmonds.wednet.edu;

Olympic View Water, Lora Petso, lpetso@ovwater.com, Lynne Danielson, lynned@ovwater.com; City of Edmonds, Mayor Dave Earling, dave.earling@edmondswa.gov.

Autumn Snow


American spirit in Edmonds on the Fourth of July

The Edmonds 4th of July parade was an example of the real spirit of America in the way the crowd welcomed all entrants, including a Muslim contingent, giving them welcoming applause. There were a wide variety of floats and individuals: the Garden Club, veterans, the mayor, Cub Scouts, bands, horses and businesses.

It was truly inclusive.

That American inclusivity started with the Jefferson Bible, Thomas Jefferson’s editing of the New Testament that cut all miracle stories to show that the most important element was the Sermon on the Mount – that all people are valued, including "the poor in spirit," strangers and foreigners.

Jefferson’s global perspective was carried on in the 1800s by American transcendentalists like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman. Emerson emphasized the importance of "connecting up to the wider world," opposed slavery and was concerned about the inequality of women.

Thoreau was one of the original environmentalists. His loyalty was to the universal aims of justice, peace and equality, and he argued in favor of peaceful, nonviolent protest to accomplish it.

Whitman wrote with sensitivity on sexual, racial and social issues.

This spirit was carried over to the 1930s and 1940s in great Broadway musicals like “Porgy And Bess,” “Showboat” and “South Pacific,” which showed great racial sensitivity. They offered inclusive attitudes.

The An Edmonds Kind of 4th parade reflected it, too.

But is it still our prevailing attitude in the country? A sympathetic support for the downtrodden? And strangers?

Mike Herb


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