Downtown Charm?

Jan 16, 2014


I was dismayed to hear that the City Council voted unanimously to ban medical, financial, real estate and other professional services from downtown.

These services provide an important balance to our economy.  When the economy experiences a downturn, these types of businesses remain fairly strong.

Consumers will cut back on going out to eat, drinking lattes, buying art, and expensive clothes.  They still will buy insurance and other services.

The clients of these professional services come to downtown for their appointments and then they go out to eat and go shopping.

More restaurants and more shops will not help the existing establishments.  If half of downtown shops go out of business and we have a lot of vacant storefronts, how is that going to attract tourist?

The clients for professional services aren’t going to walk up stairs to the second floor or go around back to visit with their advisors.

Half the members of the Chamber of Commerce are bankers, realtors, financial advisors and accountants.

Bruce Edwards

LPL Financial


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