Donut worry - here’s the filling on Top Pot in Edmonds

By Brian Soergel | Apr 20, 2017
Photo by: Brian Soergel Top Pot Doughnuts is in a holding pattern on the Edmonds waterfront.

With all that’s going on in the world, the one question on just about everyone’s lips in Edmonds is, “What’s up with Top Pot Doughnuts at Salish Crossing in Edmonds?”

The answer: The donuts are on hold. But you knew that.

Since Seattle-based Top Pot remains fastidiously wedded to silence about the matter, we asked Economic Development Director Patrick Doherty to give us some answers. After all, the building looks done. The view from the rear porch is fantastic. The signs are up. The inside’s a mess, though. So where’s the hand-forged goodness and robust coffee?

“I spoke with our building Inspector, and he said that they are under some new management – or some such thing – and appear to be making some changes to the interior design,” Doherty said.


“So they have stalled for the moment, and we expect them to come back in with perhaps new interior tenant improvement details and permitting. It is fully in their court, and they are not keeping us updated routinely. All we can do is wait.”

So support a local merchant – hit up Edmonds Bakery instead.


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