Donation leads to new K-9 for police

Sep 05, 2013


The Edmonds Police Foundation and the Edmonds Police Department extend their heartfelt gratitude to the Off Leash Area Edmonds (OLAE) for the organization’s $2,000 donation toward purchase of a new K-9 tracking dog.

The check was officially presented by OLAE President Julie Nealey to Edmonds Police Foundation President David Jones at the Aug. 27 meeting of the Edmonds City Council.

Among its activities, the Edmonds Police Foundation recently began raising funds to replace “Dash,” one of the police department’s tracking dogs that had just retired, by selling small stuffed replica K-9 dogs.

Due to OLAE’s donation, and kind donations to the Foundation from many other generous people, funds are now sufficient to purchase the new police dog.

The Foundation continues with its efforts to fundraise for acquisition of a new K-9 vehicle, with stuffed dogs still available for purchase.

The Foundation personally thanks the following OLAE members for spearheading this donation: President Julie Nealey; President Pro Tem Chris Dufore; Director Emeritus and Founding Member B.B. Granda; Director, Corporate Secretary and Founding Member Lori Parsons; Director, Corporate Treasurer and Founding Member Diane Buckshnis; Director and Scout Liaison Shay Hastler; Daily Beach Steward and Seal Watcher Ted Wilkins; Webmaster Alicia Brattin (also a former Police Foundation President); and OLAE Chief Editor and Halloween Howl Assistant Glenda Konkol.

OLAE promotes responsible users and stewards of the Off Leash Park at Edmonds Marina Beach, raising funds and shepherding volunteers to sustain the park as a valuable asset of the City.

As well, OLAE chose to support the Edmonds Police Department’s K-9 Unit with this generous donation.

OLAE can be found contacted

The Edmonds Police Foundation can be contacted at

OLAE and the Edmonds Police Foundation are both 501(c)3 organizations and are supported from tax deductible donations.

On behalf of all of us at the Edmonds Police Foundation and the Edmonds Police Department: THANK YOU to ALL who have generously donated!!


Chief Al Compaan

Edmonds Police Department

David Jones

Edmonds Police Foundation President

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