Don’t whine over done deals

May 01, 2014


I am tired of reading about people complaining about the Five Corners Roundabout Project.

It’s a DONE deal, folks. If you know anything about city and state governments, you give those folks your feedback during the PLANNING process, which was three years ago for this project.

If you didn't live here three years ago, then you walk into the City's Planning Department and talk to them about it, and then give them your feedback.

You don't do this complaining after a grant is received and after a project has been awarded. That sounds simple enough to me.

I was against the Tunnel Project down in Seattle. I think it has proven out now why I was against it along with Mayor McGinn.

I sent my feedback to them and told them to put in a surface street with elevated pedestrian walkways over the street.

I did this during the planning process, and I also attended some hearings and public opinion meetings about it, too.

It’s a done deal now, so all I can do now is to offer them methods on reducing costs of the change orders. They are never going to abandon that project now.

Bill Brougher


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