Don’t tax me for your mistake

By Glenn Steinberg | Aug 01, 2013

#1.  Steve… you bought a home/condo near the train tracks.  And now you don't like the sounds of the trains?  Your letter last week only makes you sound like a bad consumer.  Why did you buy along the train tracks?  Seriously!

You strongly support raising funds for a "quiet zone?"  Just use your own money to make your residence quieter please.

Or relocate on your own dime. I don't have any money to give for your lack of forethought when you purchased your residence. We bought away from the tracks.  Silence IS golden !

#2.  Mr. Mayor:  Keeping us updated on city budget problems is nice of you.  Just don't hide anything.  If our police and fire departments are ruining our cities budget, let fly with that info, too.

I walked through the police station parking lot the other day and saw 12 EPD cruisers parked side by side.  Were there more officers out patrolling?

NO, I am not complaining about the men and women of the EPD and EFD.  I want city leaders to balance their budget just as we do at my house. And to plan AHEAD !

Police and fire departments have contributed significantly to the bankruptcy of American cities.  Let's hear what's going on with that major expense, please.  And if it's a problem, what are your plans?

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Posted by: Jim Shelton | Aug 01, 2013 16:54

yea, Mr. Steinberg

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