Don’t make Edmonds ‘Freeattle’ | Letter

Apr 21, 2017

In response to Monda Van Hollebeke (“For people of conscience,” Guest View, April 13), I would say “yes.”

Edmonds does need affordable housing for people who have lived here 25, 35 and 45-plus years, for people who just got a tax assessment that leaped from $850 to $1,500 just this past year. For people who worked through high school, through college, got a job and saved money to buy a home in Edmonds.

Your cause is a noble one, so I would suggest you get a group of your friends together and raise the money to fund your modest income and homeless family residential project. Please don’t ask the government or “the people,” which means the taxpayer.

Don’t turn Edmonds into Freeattle, which sadly has turned out to be what was once a model city into one that no one wants to follow.

Colleen Bucklin


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