Don’t let future ‘just happen’

May 08, 2014


Today’s Seattle Times (May 1, 2014) carries an article that begins, “The latest in a string of fiery oil-train wrecks brought renewed demands Thursday that the Obama administration quickly tighten regulations governing the burgeoning practice of transporting highly combustible crude by rail.”

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the president, we need to remember that these headlines are not about some far-off disaster that could never happen here.

We already have oil trains on the Seattle-Edmonds-Mukilteo line – not to mention a threatened growing number of coal trains.

AND the line has been closed numerous times this winter owing to mudslides.  A disaster waiting to happen?

Or a disaster waiting for someone to do nothing about it?

Make your voice heard.  It’s better to work for the future we want than to slide into a future that “just happened” or that made someone far away very rich.

Nathaniel R Brown


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