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By Mary Askov Lambert | Mar 23, 2015

I’ve always enjoyed doodling, especially when I’m in a meeting or a class. I actually find that I can concentrate better by keeping my hands busy.

I never would have thought that I would buy a book on doodling, but one day while shopping in a craft store, there it was – a book on doodling.

I was already aware that I was running out of ideas of my own and that most of my doodles were very repetitious and not very inspiring.

I purchased the book, but then I put it aside for a while, basically forgetting about it. (I hadn’t been attending any meetings or classes for a while).

Then, I realized that my next trip would be two weeks long, and I would be spending hours visiting with my sisters.

Usually I knit or crochet while I visit, again keeping my hands busy, but this particular trip I had decided not to bring any yarn. What would I do with my hands?

Then I saw the book I had purchased on doodling, and decided it would be my “new thing.” It was the best vacation ever!

I brought a spiral notebook of art paper and pens and with my new book on doodling – I was ready to begin.

I found that my new book had many different patterns that I could use. It was not only inspiring, but also extremely relaxing.

My sisters were quite impressed with my doodling designs and wanted information on where to get the book.

They felt that some members of their own families would be interested in a few of the ideas presented in the book.

The art form is called “zentangle,” and there are even certified zentangle instructors.

The name of the book is “The Art of Zentangle,” published by Walter Foster.

Visit for more information.

I’m hoping that you will find this form of doodling as enjoyable and relaxing as I do.


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Posted by: james s spangler | Mar 24, 2015 11:08

I've seen those Zen Tangle books at ARTspot in Edmonds!


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