Do something for ME sometime

By Derek Jennings | May 24, 2013


In the May 23 issue, it was reported that approving the $2M levy would "free up $750k... that COULD be used for paving streets" in addition to adding a beach Ranger, cleaning up the cemetery and planting flowers. Sounds great.

You know what else sounds great?

Using that money to replace the shocks on every vehicle that's off-roaded Robinhood Drive since the last (or first?) time it was paved 30+ years ago.

Since there is no money to repave anything outside the bowl (there never is!) I firmly say NO to another hike in my taxes.

Hey Council- do something for ME with my money.

Until you stop just using it to pretty up the planters and sidewalks adjacent to your businesses... you can take a hike!

And you can take that hike without a Ranger to point out all the missing flowers in the cemetery full of people you taxed to death, for all I care.


Derek Jennings


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