Do something about your kids

By Ann Louise Maynard | Apr 11, 2013


To the parents of the young teenagers who were trespassing on the train tracks below Sunset Avenue North in the late evening of Friday, April 5 – congratulations.

You have succeeded in raising some exceptionally rude, inconsiderate, defiant and apparently very stupid children.

Not only did they taunt and cheer at two different freight trains and one passenger train, but they were disrespectful to the adults above them who were directing them to get OFF THE DAMN TRACKS.

Had any of these teens been hit by one of the trains it would follow that you, the parents, would be clamoring for more laws to protect your judgment impaired children.

“NO TRESPASSING” is very clear and should be understood by anyone over the age of seven. And, a train blowing its horn/whistle is also pretty clear. (Oops, forgot the newcomers in town who are offended by train noises.)

But, society being what it is these days, faults always seem to lie on the other doorstep.

You parents, and your unacceptable children, owe a sincere and profuse apology to the railroad personnel who nearly had to witness, and be an unwilling party to the horrified people up on Sunset Avenue bluff who were nearly witnesses also.

I assure you, the railroad employees and the folks up on the bluff all suffered several minutes of intense anxiety because of your children.

Your children obviously need more supervision than you are providing. Please DO SOMETHING about that.


Ann Louise Maynard


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