Disappointed in city government

By John Pierre | Jun 21, 2012


Edmonds elected and appointed officials are remaining quiet on the Five Corners remodeling proposition.

It seems they are proceeding on schedule with their grandiose and unnecessary dumping of vast sums of money into this hairbrained scheme.

They seem to be gleefully continuing the project with the knowledge that the Fed will trot out a fair amount (not all by any means) of the necessary funding.  Wonderful!

If the Fed dumps three or four million into useless activities by little ol' Edmonds how many millions, billions and trillions are they dumping in wasteful projects elsewhere regardless of the fact that they (we) are in debt up to their (our) eyeballs?

Our tax and spend city government is a massive disappointment to many of us.

When, if ever, are they going to listen to the poor folks who have to pay the bill for their frivolity?  Never?

Probably, considering that they think they have a monopoly on the brains in the community.


John Pierre

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Posted by: Ron Johnson | Jun 21, 2012 16:10

Excellent points.

Posted by: Jim Shelton | Jun 21, 2012 18:26

      I'm glad the city is trying to find ways (grants for example) to mitigate spending on major improvement projects.  BUT, what some fail to see is that getting a grant does NOT mean that Edmonds spends no money on the project.  For example, the four corners project will require Edmonds to put money not only into the project itself, but also ancilliary projects (as presented at the last city council meeting for example, the city will want to spend money on infrastructure underneath the street if we're going to tear up the street anyway...cha-ching more cash out of Edmonds budget).

      So why is it that the staff is pushing the 5-corners project so hard?  Who's behind this and why - is there someone or two that are going to benefit financially from this? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Staff submitted this as one of the higher priority projects in the Transportaion Improvement Plan that is now being forwarded by Resolution to the state. Lora Petso raised a flag on this the 5-corner project in the 6/19 meeting (and, I believe, she was the only council member to vote 'no' on the resolution).

$700,00 plus of Edmonds' citizens money is real money - I don't care if the federal government is chipping in more. I would just like our money spent on projects that are REALLY needed.

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