Did others see the UFO over Edmonds?

Jan 30, 2014


An open question to my fellow residents in Edmonds: Did any of you also witness the three brilliant red lights in a triangular pattern that hovered silently over the ferry dock at approximately 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 13, in the dark, before ascending collectively into the clouds vertically?

Just wondering, because you couldn’t have missed it if you were looking, but you wouldn’t have heard a sound.

I saw them while taking out the trash at the Edmonds Conference Center; expected a couple of jets on their way back to Whidbey Island, but instead these lights maintained their triangular “formation,” slowly moving toward me before they rose out of sight, still stop-light red.

I went home shaking my head, until I reluctantly told my sister, who searched the particulars on YouTube.

Apparently there have been (unbeknownst to me) hundreds of sightings of identical objects in the sky, including a couple of recent sightings in the Seattle area (Check it out!), and video.

I won’t make any explanations or speculations, but it occurred, as I swear on my heart! A big triangular set of red lights (at each point), no blinking lights as with a regular aircraft.

Oh, I’m so going to get declared insane! Any feedback out there? Are the Men in Black watching the Seahawks?

Eric Wilcox


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