Deport the governor | Letter

Mar 13, 2017

In the case of Armando Chavez Corona, whose car was hit during a multivehicle collision Feb. 9 in Tacoma on I-5, Jaime Smith, a spokeswoman for Gov. Jay Inslee, confirmed that a review was underway to ensure the patrol wasn’t violating its policies.

“The governor takes very seriously the need to make sure all residents of Washington feel safe in their interactions with the men and women in our state patrol, particularly given the anxiety that many in our state are feeling right now,” Smith said.

The governor is more concerned about the supposed rights of a felon and illegal than he is about either the safety of state troopers and citizens who are here legally or following the rule of federal law.

Deport the governor; give the state trooper a commendation.

Steven Keeler


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