'Delinquents' play old favorites for seniors

By Consuelo Pacis | Sep 02, 2015

A handful of dedicated musicians called "The Delinquents" gathered together in the Edmonds Senior Center to play their favorite old tunes that are dear to their hearts.

What a treat! The musicians were all professionals in their heyday, and music is something they could not leave behind.

Trombonist Mary Lambert is the only rose among them – being the only woman in the group. She is sweet and very talented. She also directs the Sound Singers.

For the performance, she was wearing a colorful top that matched her instrument. If you see a purple trombone and a lovely lady, that’s Lambert. Follow her.

She is probably on her way to find "The Delinquents." They played classics like “As Time Goes By."

You'll find yourself swaying, tapping your feet, clapping with the beat, or singing. You'll be under a spell.

Dear folks, if you haven't discovered this precious program of the Edmonds Senior Center, you are missing a golden opportunity to make your life rich and wonderful.

"The Delinquents" meet every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. to noon.

"The Delinquents" include: Aaron DeSoto, trumpet; Bob Grag, trumpet; John Vanderbeck, saxophone; Mary Lambert, trombone; Rod Denton, piano; Al Schmidt, drummer; James Kaaona, singer and guitar; and Tom Leese, bass guitar.

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