Curmudgeon is spot on

By Susan Bayes | May 01, 2013


Thank you for John Pierre’s “Constant Curmudgeon” article in the Edmonds Beacon, April 25, 2013.  He is spot on.

It is so easy to jump on the "green" wagon because it is the thing to do.  They just take the bits and pieces that suit them.

They never look at the scientific evidence.  If these "greenies" are so concerned about the coal dust, what about the hazardous wastes that are transported by rail?

Thank you again.


Susan Bayes

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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | May 03, 2013 15:13

Well, I jumped on the wagon after seeing so much damage to the environment that it made me weep, and after considerable study and research and travel.  It clearly wasn't ":the thing to do" at the time, and judging by many of the columns and letters here - it still isn't!   Yet we benighted enviro-fascists persist in trying to bring us all a better environment.

I am concerned about the hazardous wastes transported by train, but the coal trains are the actual issue at the moment, so that is what I and others are focused on presently.  A "greenie" can actually be concerned about more than one thing at time! but one deals with the situation at hand.  Which is why we enjoy our clean water, a cleaner Sound, clean air...

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