Curmudgeon – Easily annoyed, usually old, frequently complaining

Nov 06, 2013


That description doesn't begin to encompass John Pierre.  OK, he's old.  He doesn't suffer fools well.  And he's hardly reticent in pointing out the errors of the encountered foolish one.

But the John Pierre I know is loving and loyal to family, friend and country – and he's as generous as circumstances allow. He also has the wisdom of years and a keen analytical mind.

As proof I offer a bit of history: John began long ago washing cars for a local firm and, by dint of effort and ability, rose to become general manager of a very successful regional car rental firm.

I should admit here that I haven't met the man.  Still, I've known him some 15 years through the miracle of the World Wide Web.

We met on an Internet discussion site (not to be confused with Internet dating sites) when I noticed one of the participants habitually wrote in a form of gibberish I soon found was called piratese.

It had to do with his screen name (which you can get from him if he chooses to give it).  In a somewhat tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of the pirate character, I began to address him as Cap'n.  The name stuck and stayed long after the tongue fell away from the cheek.

Today, Cap'n is a term of respect and endearment – and not only for me.  The Web numbers dozens, perhaps hundreds who know and respect the Cap'n, though some may be grudging in their admission of it.

Early in our acquaintance I came to know the Cap'n as strong in his opinions and firm in his regard of what is right and what is wrong.  He is loyal, even protective of his ideological allies.

On the few occasions when I have found disagreement with him, he's let it suffice to call me a 'Dumb Texican' and forgive me my folly.

Over the years the Cap'n has shared with me a great amount of his personal history (if you haven't read On An Accident, badger John until he provides a copy) and anecdotes about his family and community.  I know these people I haven't met better than some I count as blood relations.

When the Cap'n took on the responsibility of a weekly column in the Beacon, I was impressed and genuinely glad for him.  Each Thursday I look forward to finding the column in my email basket.

In this manner I gain some insight to life in Edmonds and more appreciation of the man through whose eyes I see the town and her people.

I hope someday to occasion a visit with you all.  Meanwhile, I know – and you should know, there is a good man in Edmonds.  His name is John Pierre.  Cherish him, Edmonds.  Men like the Cap'n come along but rarely.

Bucky Allen

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