Crumb-rubber ban ignores scientific research | Letter

May 09, 2017

How ironic that just days after the March for Science, the Edmonds City Council votes to extend the ban on crumb rubber for another year (“City Council extends ban on crumb rubber turf,” April 27) by ignoring the scientific research and recommendations of multiple agencies.

So now we can add the Edmonds City Council to a growing list of groups, political parties and corporations waging a war on science.

If crumb rubber were really a health problem on playing fields, then football running backs should be dying of cancer in record numbers (they are not), be it in high school, college or the pros.

Running backs get tackled and land on the field much more often than soccer goalies.

Councilmembers failed in their duty as elected officials. Seems as if fear and hysteria are in charge, not thinking adults.

By their failed logic, there should be high cancer rates along Ninth Avenue, Fifth Avenue and Main Street in Edmonds, since these are heavily traveled roads where thousands of tires lose tiny amounts of rubber that goes into the air as super-fine particles, which we then breathe into our lungs.

I eagerly await the council's ban on car and truck traffic during the spring and summer months, when the roads are mostly dry. And you'll have to ban shoes with black rubber soles, since they also put fine rubber particles into the air we breathe. Time to cancel those 5K and 10K runs in the city – all those runners sending fine rubber particles into our clean Northwest air!

Hopefully Edmonds resident Laura Johnson, mentioned in the article, will keep her children away from cars and roads and sidewalks, just to be safe.

As a lifelong environmentalist, the lack of basic logic and common sense is appalling and embarrassing.

Ted Neff


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