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Jul 01, 2018

Mayor’s column crossed the line

The June 21 Mayor’s Corner article was very pro-Edmonds (“Stark contrast: Kids should not be pawns.”) Mayor Earling noted many of the wonderful events that make our city so special.

However, the mayor crossed the line into national politics by stating the “entire immigration chaos” moved him over a line. Earling wrote that “Crossing the line for me is when the answer to a problem is to leverage the situation with the separation of families and the displacement of kids from their parents.”

He continued by stating the children are being used as pawns!

I believe Earling’s comments had two mistakes: first, referring to the situation as “immigration.” Generally, immigration is the legal process of moving to another place, in this matter to a different country.

The USA has laws regarding immigration, and not following these laws (rules) is being lawless, or illegal. Crossing the border without permission, with or without a minor, makes you an invader, as you are entering the legal property of another without their permission.

Think of the country as your home or yard. What we would you do with an invader?

The mayor is correct in indicating the children are pawns in this whole matter, but he states they are being used as pawns by the Trump administration. I contend the children are being used by their parent(s), relatives or others to game laws.

Even the Mexican drug cartels benefit from border chaos and easy access to the USA. Children should not be a ticket for entrance into the USA,while others follow the rules, taking years and money to gain legal immigration.

Basically, anyone caught crossing the border illegally can be and should be deported as quickly as possible. No free passes. No asylum. Families can stay together and be deported together. If they seek asylum, do it the right way.

Thomas Hawn


Carrying clipboards for gun regulation

I am guessing you have seen lots of volunteers in Edmonds carrying clipboards recently. This is the people doing the job of the Legislature.

Initiative 1639 is common sense gun regulation for the state of Washington. If made into law, it would establish age 21 for the purchase of assault weapons; require safety training; require safe storage of guns; and expand background checks.

It does not take guns away. It does not take away the Second Amendment. It is a measure to help stop gun violence.

It is a first step for the safety of our communities and our schools. Unless we have some laws for gun safety we leave our law enforcement with no tools to work with. Signing the petition does not make it law, but gets it on the fall ballot and gives every registered voter a chance to decide in November.

Please seek out I-1639 and sign it. Get this petition on the fall ballot and send a message to our legislators that we want gun safety.

Carol Megnity


Heavy doors, few stamps

As a resident of senior housing in Edmonds, using my walker, I walked to the new post office to buy stamps and mail a small package.

First, it was difficult to get into the office. The door was heavy, and it was very hard to maneuver my walker and myself into the office.

Luckily, a kind gentleman helped me. After I was in, I found out there were few stamps to choose from, and the clerk could not accept my package. She said I would have to go to the Perrinville office on Olympic View Drive.

I guess Edmonds no longer has a full-service U.S. post office in downtown Edmonds or on Main Street.

How sad – and my hard luck.

Phyllis Fiege


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