Creative Retirement Institute offers stimulating classes

By Lynn Lagreid | Mar 27, 2014

Get ready! Classes will begin the first week of April, and many have filled.

However, the classes listed in our trivia quiz still have room.  Creative Retirement Institute of Edmonds Community College offers college level, non-credit classes for older adults.  There aren’t any exams or grades, and the subject matter is fascinating and informative.

Our offices and main classroom are conveniently located right here in downtown Edmonds (4th and Bell) at the Edmonds Conference Center.  We use other community sites as well: Edmonds Senior Center, Fairwinds Brighton Court, Dale Turner YMCA , and Cristwood Park Retirement Community.

Many of you look forward to our quiz, which introduces you to class topics such as: literature, history, music appreciation, film critique, computer tips, astronomy, geology, current issues, international trends, and health.  And the great thing about this quiz—you don’t have to wait until the next issue of the paper for the answers!

Q. What are speleothems?

A. Mineral deposits formed in a cave from evaporating water (Splash! The Geology of Water).

Q. What are debris flows?

A.  Slurries of mud and boulders moving at great velocities down stream channels

(Cascade Volcano Hazards: 21st Century Debris Flows and Lahars).

Q. What are two “Bible” books filled with mystery and intrigue?

A. Daniel and Revelation (Daniel and Revelation).

Q. Who are some of the greatest stars of the New York cabaret scene over the past five decades?

A. Barbara Cook, Bobby Short, Mabel Mercer, and Michael Feinstein (Come to the Cabaret with Barbara Cook, Bobby Short, Mabel Mercer and Michael Feinstein).

Q. Who said, “There is hope after all, plenty of hope—just not for us?”

A. Franz Kafka (Trials and Tribulations: Reading Kafka).

Q. From what centuries did the English sonnet originate and develop into a standard English form?

A. The 13th to the 16th century (The Birth of the English Sonnet).

Q. In the 1870s what young Norwegian woman sailed to Constantinople and other port cities in the Levant with her sea-captain husband, and 20 years later wrote a novel set in the cosmopolitan capital city of the Ottoman Empire?

A. Amalie Skram (Love in Constantinople, Conflict in Istanbul: Exploring Place in Amalie Skram’s “Fru Ines”).

Q. From what area of Spain did a majority of conquistadors come?

A. Extremadura (Latin American History: Pre-Colonial to 1810).

Q. What stimulates the heart to beat?

A. It stimulates itself. (In a Heartbeat: Human Cardiovascular Function).

A. David Cameron (Commons Sense: Introduction to Parliamentary Government).

Q. Which Microsoft latest operating system is standard on many new computers?

A. Windows 8.1 (Exploring Windows 8.1).

Q. In what year did the Pan Am Sikorsky S-40 Flying Boat debut as the American Clipper?

A. 1931 (Shrinking the World: Air Travel and Adventure 1920-1970).

These are just 12 of the 31 courses offered Spring quarter.  Register soon, classes fill quickly.

Brochures are available in the lobby of the Edmonds Conference Center.  CRI offices are on the second floor, open from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Tuesday through Friday.

If you have questions or would like a brochure mailed please call the office 425-640-1830.

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