Country Boutique needs new home

Nov 20, 2013


As a baby boomer, retiring in my 60’s was hard to do because I still wanted to stay busy and be a part of something.  I started looking for places that I could volunteer.

I went to the Edmonds Senior Center to see if there was something I could feel a real part of.  It was there that I found the Country Boutique.

The Boutique was made up of seniors that make handmade items such of knitting and crocheting baby items, sweaters, blankets, jewelry, woodwork, kitchen towel, candles, etc.  They had around 15’ by 15’ of space inside the thrift shop that looked like a little house all fixed up with beautiful handmade items. They had been at the senior center for 31 years and had 77 seniors making these items.

I was so excited to find this place, for I love to do crafts and to see all these beautiful treasures, and work with the ladies that were volunteers at the boutique, for they were so friendly and fun to be with.

It was such a joy for me.  It was wonderful seeing these seniors (some of them in their 90’s) doing these projects that help keep their hands from getting stiff from arthritis, and their minds alert, plus they would get a portion of the sales to be able to buy more materials, and in some cases, it helped supplement their Social Security income.

Then, we were informed that the board voted to do away with the Country Boutique because they needed the space for the thrift shop.  Farrell Fleming, Executive Director, informed us that the thrift shop made $130,000 last year and was expected to bring in around $150,000 this year, so they needed our space to enlarge the thrift shop.

So here is our plea:

Is there any place in the Edmonds community or close to Edmonds that could help 77 displaced seniors have an area or room for their Country Boutique?

We can pay you something each month and bring in people that love our homemade items.  We do have a following that will be very disappointed that we were told to be out by Dec. 31, 2013.

If you know of a place that we could set up our Boutique, please call Carol Brickel at 425-778-0467.


Carol Brickel, Marille Marshall,

and all the ladies

of the Country Boutique

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