Council ‘stuck in the past’

Look around! Edmonds has changed.
Apr 16, 2013


I was dismayed to read in the April 11, Edmonds Beacon that the Port of Edmonds had withdrawn its Harbor Square Master Plan application.

I was impressed with the proposed plan and all the years of work that went into it.

As a resident of Edmonds since the late 1950s, I looked forward to seeing progress in an area that badly needed improvement and development.

I am sorry some council members have not been able to broaden their vision for Edmonds.  For many years, too many of them have been stuck in the past, wanting to “keep Edmonds as it always was.”

Look around!  Edmonds has changed.  It used to be a small town full of small houses.  Not anymore.

Large homes fill property lines and numerous condos have been built in the last 50 years.  Edmonds is growing up, as a thriving community should, not living in the past.

It is sad that some of our current council members do not want to see us move forward.

I hope it is not too late for the Council to reconsider, with a fresh vision, the Port’s proposal and recommendations of the Planning Board.

This is so important for the future growth of Edmonds.


Sheila B. Cook

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