Council isn’t working for the people

Feb 27, 2014


I thought we elected councilmembers to work for the people.

On the agenda now is the replacement of one of those members.

How can three members of said council hold up this process by continually voting for one person who, as Mr. Peterson said, was very divisive on his previous tenure?

For these three members to say they can work with Mr. Bernheim and no one else sounds counter-productive as to what the council should be doing.

Ms. Fraley-Monillas says she wants someone who has experience.

There has to be a first time for everyone.

Did she not have to learn the ropes, or is there a different set of rules?

And then to suggest we hold an election?  If the person is to serve until December 2015 – well let me see – is that enough time from February 2014 to learn something?

Annette Border


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