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By Joanne Peterson | Jun 05, 2014

Sunday I spent several hours with grandchildren Adam and Abby in West Seattle, while their parents went bike riding.

It seems my daughter and son-in-law now have three major rides planned for the summer: the 200-mile STP (Seattle to Portland) ride they did last year, plus the ride from Seattle to Vancouver BC, and another one with a destination of Bellingham. I forget where that one starts. My daughter Lisa came home tired after today’s ride but says she has learned that it’s the first 10 miles that are the hardest. (I cannot recall when last I rode 10 miles, so I have no frame of reference.)

While their parents were bike riding, I had in mind several activities my 5-year-old grandson and 3-year-old granddaughter would enjoy. For one thing, since gardening is a hit with the little ones, I took with me some odds and ends of flowers I’d purchased but not yet planted in my pots. I happily anticipated another gardening session with my wee ones.

I also took with me a bag of apples and my grandmother’s recipe for pie crust.  My grandson Adam enjoys cooking and baking, and I enjoy reinforcing that interest every chance I get.

His sister isn’t as eager for kitchen pursuits yet, so when her brother and I started our pie-baking project, Abby went to the living room to amuse herself with Lincoln Logs and puzzles. (Until she came trotting into the kitchen with her hands and clothing covered in brilliant designs, I was unaware that she had switched to some sort of lavish art project involving marker pens – mostly turquoise – with which she covered not only her hands and her dress but the surface of the coffee table.)

Adam, hands scrubbed, swathed in a vast red-and-white striped apron, stood on a stool and measured flour, spooned cinnamon and nutmeg into sugar, and stirred apples into the mixture.

It’s never easy cooking in someone else’s kitchen – even my daughter’s – as there’s always something I cannot find. Adam located the rolling pin and measuring spoons for me. Unable to find the plastic sheet designed for rolling out dough, I used Lisa’s pizza stone for a pie crust-rolling surface, and it worked just fine.

Adam was proud of his endeavors, and eager to show his mom our creation. His only complaint? He thought the pie took “practically forever” to bake. (It turned out really well.)

The children and I also sat together in the big chair and read books – Grandma’s all-time favorite activity to share. We blew giant bubbles and watched them float from the deck into the sky, iridescent in the sun.

Adam and Abby ran up and down the sidewalk, giggling, waving the old-fashioned pinwheels I took to them. We admired Adam’s sprouted pumpkin seedlings and visited with Joe, Lisa’s orange cat. We had a grand time.

Unfortunately, the children and I never got around to planting the additional flowers I took with me. I guess I have to go back soon for more gardening.

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