Conversion to renewable resources top priority | Letter

Jan 07, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

In a Dec. 31 Letter to the Editor, the writer tells us that total U.S. greenhouse emissions was the same in 2011 as in 1995, and this is correct according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s website [“Points go unaddressed, but stand nonetheless,” The Beacon, page 4]. What is neglected is that the small drop in emissions was initiated in 2008, just when the great recession began; this drop was not too unexpected with 10-15 million of our citizens out of work, but emissions are now on the increase.

If we look at not just U.S. emissions but total world emissions, the emission level of greenhouse gasses is on a rapidly increasing path with just the tiniest blip downward during the great recession.

To imply the U.S., and therefore the world’s emissions, are decreasing is neglecting the most important part of the data.

This is a world problem, and will require all of us to participate in the reduction of greenhouse gasses.

Renewable energy creates three times more jobs than coal and oil for the same investment. These are high paying jobs based on new technologies that will inspire our citizens and give them satisfaction in creating something fine and valuable for the U.S. and the world.

It is time to stop expanding coal and oil production and start conversion to renewable sources.


Dennis Lowenthal,




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