Controversial Edmonds Bakery cookie creation goes viral

'Build that wall," the cookie read
By Brian Soergel | Jan 27, 2019
Courtesy of: Ana Cabrera The cookie in question. Posted on Facebook.

A post to the Edmonds Moms Facebook page has created a controversy that, predictably, is as segmented as current U.S. politics.

When Ana Cabrera entered Edmonds Bakery recently, she noticed a number of Valentine’s Day-themed cookies. Mixed among them was one with the words “Build that Wall.”

She took a picture, naturally. A friend posted it on Facebook.

Mayhem ensued. KING TV interviewed Cabrera. People took sides, dug in.

Cabrera, on her own Facebook page, wrote “Don’t f--- with this Latina. I’ll end you,” in a “feeling determined” status update.

Many have said that the post, from Edmonds Bakery owner Ken Bellingham, was racist. Bellingham said it was all a big joke, and he does not endorse building a wall on the U.S./Mexico border. He also said he will bake no more “Build that wall” cookies.

While some have said they’ll boycott Edmonds Bakery, others – from across the country (it’s viral!) – have asked if Bellingham could ship him some of the bakery’s cookies.



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Posted by: Mary W Dever | Feb 11, 2019 22:25

I find Cabrera's facebook post, " Don't f--- with this Latina.  I'll end you", to be much more hateful and violent than "Build that Wall".  It makes me feel more inclined to want a wall!


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