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Jun 29, 2017

Recently, City Councilmember Adrienne Fraley-Monillas led the council in excluding Tyler Nebeker, a member of a conservative think tank, from being considered for a volunteer position with the city (“Rejected candidate: I don’t support discrimination,” June 15).

She claimed that his organization, the Washington Policy Center, supported gender-based pay discrimination. They opposed a bill two years ago that sought to prohibit employers from paying different amounts based on a full-time vs. part-time work history.

The bill would also prohibit employers from ordering employees not to share their pay amount with co-workers.

The center also felt there were too many vague, subjective and overly broad provisions in the bill that would expose employers to inappropriate and costly lawsuits.

The center pointed out that women disproportionately interrupt their employment to engage in child care, etc., while men do not, which can effect women’s pay over time.

It is a matter for debate whether that constitutes gender-based pay discrimination or simply taking work history into account when determining someone’s salary.

However, Fraley-Monillas apparently never even bothered to ask Nebeker if he agreed with that specific position, only whether he agreed with the organization’s positions in general.

It is pretty clear that her rejection of this applicant was based on political bias.

In other words, conservatives need not apply. I thought the City Council was supposed to be nonpartisan, but apparently Fraley-Monillas wants to make sure no conservatives participate in the city’s discourse or policymaking.

After fellow Councilmember Dave Teitzel voted for Nebeker, Fraley-Monillas was quoted as saying, “It gives me the suggestion that Mr. Teitzel has sexism in his own background.” So, if someone disagrees with you, Adrienne, they deserve to be demonized and denounced by you? Really?

If Fraley-Monillas continues to display such blatant political intolerance, it is hard to justify supporting her should she seek re-election.

After all of the inflammatory rhetoric since the presidential election and the recent attempted assassination of Republican congressmen by a fanatical left-wing terrorist, one thing is clear: Our society does not need any more ideological bullies.

I suggest Fraley-Monillas read a book written by self-described left-wing liberal Kirsten Powers. She sounded the alarm against the rising tide of politically correct vigilantes who systematically quash free speech and discourse by shouting down, threatening, denouncing and excluding anyone who disagrees with them.

The title of her book – “The Silencing.”

Nancy Farnam is an Edmonds resident.



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