‘Compass’ a good direction for the Gothard Sisters

By Todd M Clayton Jr. | Aug 29, 2013
The Gothard Sisters

The Gothard Sisters have just released their latest album, titled “Compass.”

Fans of Celtic music will recall hearing the trio at the Edmonds Farmers Market where they got their start.

Released on Aug. 14, the new album consists of a mixture of their Celtic style of music and fantasy, such as the song titled “Feast of the Elven King,” which has the feel of a “Lord of the Rings” song, or another song about King Arthurs wife “Guinevere.”

The sisters’ last album, “Story Girl,” was a big hit, and fans hope to make “Compass” an even bigger one. Each song on “Compass” has a unique feel to it.

The Gothard Sisters held a release party where they showed music videos, talked about making the new album, the time it took to write the new songs and how they only had a couple done when they went to the studio to start recording.

They also performed in concert at the Shoreline Arts Center.

The “Compass” has a lot to offer everyone from long-time fans of the Gothard Sisters to those who are new to their music.

“Compass” consists of 12 songs. You can purchase a copy or any of their other albums or DVDs, which include music videos, on their website: http://gothardsisters.weebly.com.

Or check out their tour dates for a chance to see them live. They are embarking on a 21-state tour across the U.S.

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