Community Transit urges riders to say 'Thanks' on Bus Driver Appreciation Day March 18

Mar 14, 2014

They take you where you want to go. They put up with traffic, stoplights and rude drivers so you don’t have to.

On March 18, Bus Driver Appreciation Day, bus riders are encouraged to say “Thanks!” for a job well done to the person who drives them around.

Nearly 300 drivers navigate about 1,400 Community Transit bus trips each weekday. They log roughly as many miles as a trip around the world – each day.

They also open the doors 45,000 times and interact with more than 30,000 passengers every day.

In addition to verbally thanking their drivers that day, Community Transit is encouraging riders to share their positive driver stories on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook fans can “like” Community Transit and share their stories on the agency’s fan page. On Twitter, follow @MyCommTrans and use the hashtag #high5 to share your good driver stories.

Riders are always encouraged to share their transit experience through the Customer Service line at 425-353-RIDE (7433) or

Commendations go into a driver’s personnel file and are the basis for positive job evaluations and company awards.

March 18 has been celebrated as Bus Driver Appreciation Day since 2009 when Seattle transit riders felt it was necessary to set aside a day to honor the good public servants who got them where they needed to go.

They chose March 18 as the day to celebrate because that is the date that public transportation service first began in Paris in 1662.

The Carosses à Cinq Sous, or Five-Penny Coaches, were popular at first, but didn’t last long. Only nobility and gentry were allowed to ride, and the buses went out of business by 1675.

Community Transit began service on Oct. 4, 1976.

Community Transit is preparing to add new service, and is recruiting for new bus drivers to appreciate. For more information, go to

-Edited by Beacon staff

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