Coming soon to an intersection near you: disaster

By John Pierre | Feb 13, 2014

Congratulations, Edmonds.  Our government, in its custodial brilliance, keeps frittering away money we don't have and ignoring areas where moderate expenses are needed.

We managed to find funds, some of which are by way of a grant, to foul up Five Corners.  We further found Edmonds funding to make a danger zone out of the single block between 6th and 5th on Main Street where pedestrian crossing lights have been made available.

But whatever happened to the desperate need for a signal or simple 4-way stop at the intersection of 88th (where Puget Drive becomes 196th), which requires daredevils to take a chance of either crossing the intersection or turning right onto 196th or left onto Puget Drive?

Yeah ... I know ... the state is involved (along with Edmonds), and they require a certain number of accidents to justify an allocation of funds to make the intersection safe.  I'm convinced that if Edmonds went to the state and explained that the number of accidents is below their prescribed number because most of the traffic on 88th that would otherwise use that intersection is avoiding it like the measles, the approval for state funds would be forthcoming.

Personally, I live on 88th and prefer to use the very narrow Maplewood Lane to access 196th when I go to the store because I value my life.  I gave up on trying to enter 196th some years ago because, as I attempted to turn right onto 196th from 88th, some unlighted car would appear out of the darkness on winding  Puget Drive to tailgate me and give me a few blasts on a horn.

Who is in charge of our Edmonds Follies?  Hopefully not our ne'er-do-well City Council.  Aren't they the ones who wanted to offer to buy the old Skippers building for no particular purpose?  Aren't they the ones who thought it would be a good idea to put leashes on cats?  Aren't they the ones who wanted to pattern themselves after Los Angeles by banning the use of plastic bags when 90 percent of everything is enclosed in hard-to-open thick plastic at your local grocery store?

I've lived in Edmonds for 50 years and, frankly, I'm embarrassed for us.  We seem to be acting like Hollyweirdos in our attempts to out-green the rest of the planet.

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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Feb 13, 2014 12:17

Mr. Pierre, do you like anything?


I've lived here for 53 years, and frankly, I like the place.  Shouldn't you move?

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