Coal was backbone of America

By Dennis Lowenthal | Aug 01, 2013

While collecting signatures at the Edmonds Summer Market, requesting Gov. Inslee to demand a comprehensive study on the Coal Terminal effects across our state, I met a man who said, “Coal was the backbone of this country, that his father had worked in the coal mines and never developed black lung, and he did not appreciate our doing this.”

He walked away before we could talk; otherwise I would have told him that I honor his father’s contribution to our country; that the coal-fields were an enabler of the Industrial Revolution, (world population was only 1 billion in 1800) and led to huge improvements in the standard of living.

But the time has come to move on to safer renewable energy sources.  Renewable sources will become the backbone after coal is phased out in several tens of years.

The world population has increased to 7 billion; continuing to burn coal, the ancient and dirtiest fuel available, the largest contributor to global warming, and shipping American coal to China destroys jobs in the NW and our future.

A healthy and prosperous future now resides with renewable energy sources; we are well overdue to embrace these technology advances, and to move beyond coal.

Want to learn more: read columnist Lance Dickie’s article in the Seattle Times 21 June 2013, and front page 30 June 2013.

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Posted by: Jim Shelton | Aug 04, 2013 15:06

We can (and should) embrace newer and cleaner energy sources.  But thinking we can change what China is doing to improve their own economy and standard of living by stopping U.S. coal shipments to Asia is misguided.  Since less than 1% of the coal imported by Asia is from the U.S. they won't give it a second thought to get the cheaper fuel from somewhere else.  So the impact on global warming of stopping the coal terminal" will be nil.  But let's study it anyway because increasing the cost and time it takes to do the study might delay or prevent the building of the terminal and the additional trains, which is the real goal anyway.

Posted by: john dolan | Aug 09, 2013 12:46

"WAS" is the key word here.

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