Coal train issue burning hotter

Feb 13, 2014

Editor :

The Edmonds watermelons are at it again (letters to editor, Feb. 6).  " ... projected 16 mile-long coal trains" ?

As their CO2-global warming agenda fails, there is no fabrication they will resist trotting out.

BNSF states a 10-minute blocking rule (besides the state’s 10-minute administrative rule) is the railway's internal policy for freight trains.

In 2010, Union Pacific's 3.2-mile-long double stack container test train was two to three times the length of a typical freight train, the largest known to operate in California.

Washington state has projected the growth of freight traffic in the coming two decades.  Why are the greens not bothering to talk about the NON coal freight train projections?

And why aren't they at Paine field, protesting the state’s continuing  manufacture of aircraft that spew the planet’s atmosphere full of their "deadly" trace gas?

Steve Keeler


Lest there be any confusion: the Feb. 6 letter writer had warned of 16 trains daily, each a mile long, carrying coal; not coal trains that were each 16 miles long. Now that would have been a feat! – Ed.

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