Cline Jewelers hosting book drive; will travel to East Africa

Jun 26, 2019
Courtesy of: Cline Jewelers Cline Jewelers hosting book drive; will travel to East Africa

Gina Hawkins of Cline Jewelers has a fairly typical morning commute to work. But in early August, she’ll be boarding a plane to embark on a trip to eastern Africa.

Once there, she will meet not only several local gemstone miners and their families, but also Roger Dery, a Michigan resident, gem cutter, and founder of Gem Legacy, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support education, vocational training, and local economies in East African mining communities.

Dery and Hawkins share some connections. The first should be obvious – they both have a love and appreciation for responsibly sourced gemstones.

And in East Africa, gemstones are plentiful.

To name a few: rhodolite, spessartine, mahenge, malaya, tsavorite, tanzanite, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire.

The other connection they share is their love for giving back. Education isn’t as prevalent in eastern African mining communities as it is in Edmonds, so hosting a book drive to provide educational resources to these communities seemed like a logical next step, Hawkins said.

Hawkins, Andy Cline (owner of Cline Jewelers), and the rest of the Cline staff are asking for the community’s donation of youth reading books ranging from baby books up to seventh grade reading level.

The books will be provided to The Mwatate Children’s Home and Rescue Centre, an orphanage located in a small village in Kenya that acts as a school and safe haven for over 30 children, ages 5-18, who don’t have a home or family to live with.

At the Mwatate Centre, the orphans have secure surroundings, three meals per day, camaraderie with friends, and activities and sports. Gem Legacy became aware of the Mwatate Centre through local gem miners who are passionate about their needs.

The book drive is currently taking place at Cline Jewelers and goes until Hawkins’ departure Aug. 2.

Cline Jewelers is at 105 Fifth Ave. S, Edmonds.


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