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Aug 16, 2019

Time to rethink City Park exit?

Having grown up in Edmonds in the ’40s and ’50s, I feel City Park was and continues to be a delightful place to relax, read, picnic, and play.

Now in my 70s and retired, I have returned to my hometown. I note an area of concern within the park, which could and should be improved. The drive exiting the park is narrow and of a manageable grade to Third Avenue South.

An average arterial width is approximately 12 feet in width for vehicles, which the exit lane is. Parents exiting the park with young children in strollers, toddlers in tow, dog walkers, people in wheelchairs, or seniors using walkers, are undeniably at risk due to the exit width.

Vehicles exiting the park approach pedestrians from behind, traveling east. Because of their size, cars, trucks, SUVs, motorhomes, as well as trailers being towed, force pedestrians to embrace the bank, stand on the grass, or straddle the low-rail metal fence.

Widening the exit lane on the south side of the drive could resolve a potentially dangerous situation.

Cutting into the bank, as if it were a bicycle lane, would provide safety for pedestrians. Feathering the end of the exit to the south onto the Third Avenue sidewalk would not impact the utility poles or impact the crosswalk.

Thank you for your consideration, from those who use and enjoy our City Park.

R. Streuli


O2 stat for political bubble

In her latest letter ("Should the Beacon publish readers' views on national issues?" Aug. 8), Susan Pedersen admitted that she has been living in a bubble and believes that President Trump has been fomenting "the crazy political scene."

In light of this typical Trump Derangement Syndrome delusion, Susan needs to immediately check the oxygen content of her bubble, that likely has excessive carbon dioxide levels, and she will need to report to the nearest hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy.

After treatment, the clouds and fog will begin to dissipate, and she will be able to see that it is not President Trump who has been fomenting crazy politics, but her own political party and its members.

Susan will see that everyone who disagrees with her is not a racist, bigot, "white nationalist," or Nazi. She will see that her own party's divisive identity politics and other extremist agendas have, in fact, created the "crazy political scene" we now enjoy.

Breathe deeply, Susan, and be healed! Hallelujah!

Nancy Farnam


Election 2019: Let’s stop the negative campaigning in Edmonds

Tuesday, Nov. 5, is the general election. On Nov. 6, we will have a good sense of what changes are on the horizon. One thing that will not change: Everyone running for mayor and council will still live here in Edmonds.

We will all still be members of the community that we love to serve, have family and friends here, and look forward to the next set of programs and activities to be a part of.

So I cannot understand why there have been so many personal attacks so far in the campaign cycle. What is the point of creating division and alienation in the name of supporting your candidate of choice? It is not necessary to spend so much energy going negative against one candidate to highlight your choice of another.

In crafting this message, some advised me not to do it, as it would open to the door for those same people to make personal attacks against me. Well, if that’s the case, the reality is that it was going to happen anyway, and was only a matter of time.

Is it possible to run a positive race?

It is, but it will take leadership from those running to speak to it. Four years ago, then-candidate Dave Teitzel and I met one-on-one to discuss our campaigns. We decided not to “go negative” because we saw no reason to do so, and also recognized that we’re going to be community members who would end up working together after Election Day.

I will always respect the fact that he (and I) honored this agreement, and the outside rhetoric was kept to a minimum.

I won’t participate in personal and unsubstantiated attacks on anyone running for office.

One obviously cannot control what others say/do/write about a candidate they are not supporting, but I am optimistically requesting that candidates take a stance against negative campaigning and encourage others around them to do the same.

Will you?

Support your campaign and-or candidate of choice by highlighting experience and merits, not by tearing down others.

Alicia Crank
Edmonds City Council candidate




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