City of Edmonds Finance Director Roger Neumaier resigns

Jan 09, 2014

The City’s most recently hired department director Roger Neumaier has submitted his letter of resignation to Mayor Dave Earling, effective Jan. 31.

In his letter of resignation, Neumaier said that Edmonds is a wonderful city and the caliber of employees working for the City is outstanding. He applauds Mayor Earling for his excellent management skills and for his integrity and kindness.

However, Neumaier said that there are challenges here at the city and points to the “lack of respect,” “micromanagement” and “lack of civility” of certain councilmembers.

He stated that he “could not have imagined a circumstance where he would be resigning at this time,” and also cited “the level of conflict and disrespect that has occurred.”

The Mayor accepted his resignation, stating that “we are very sorry to lose Roger Neumaier. Roger brought knowledge, insight, and a depth and breadth of experience that was valuable to this City.”

The Mayor also reflected, “This is a serious issue, and the council will need to challenge themselves with how to better interact with staff. I will be meeting with council leadership to explore ways to create more effective relationships between staff and the City Council.”

The Mayor’s intent is to hire a new Finance Director as soon as possible.


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Posted by: john dolan | Jan 09, 2014 17:10

Sounds like a little turf war, a lot of whining, and a lack of leadership on the part of the Mayor.

Posted by: john dolan | Jan 10, 2014 07:38

.......and maybe he wasn't the right hire.

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