City entrances need spiffing up | Letter

May 22, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

So nice to see any community repairs or any project updates in Edmonds, but just a heads-up City Council and Edmonds mayor –– Main Street looks pretty spiffy,new sidewalks and street lights, but Fifth Avenue, I think many residents would agree, is the gateway to our community, the main entrance to our ferry boat access.

From Westgate Center section down Fifth, the center street island dividers are a real eyesore.

They are full of weeds and very “unkept look- ing”for an entrance to our city.

Five Corners has lots of new excitement (great), but please City Council drive through the city entrances, and take a closer look at where the visitors pass through to come to shop, to eat and to be excited to visit a pretty Edmonds and see what they see on Fifth Avenue.

Thank you.

Linda Danielson


P.S. Many residents comment, “No Christmas lights on Fifth or flower baskets, as in years past.”

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