Cindy Larsen bought by special interest | Letter

Oct 19, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

I don’t like corruption, and I don’t like judges who are bought by any special interest.

Is it too much to ask that candidates for judicial office behave with honor and integrity? If they want the voters to hire them to be our Snohomish County Superior Court judge, they must at least prove to us they have ethics, that they know the law and that they won’t break it.

Cindy Larsen is under investigation by our attorney general for taking large and illegal campaign contributions from a special interest, not disclosing it, and apparently trying to cover it up together with the county sheriff and the prosecutor.

Her voter pamphlet statement says she has no community service to her name, nor any other experience other than working for the government.

She will not have my vote, and I sincerely hope your readers do their research before voting for her.

Michael Cohn,


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