Church’s inclusion efforts much appreciated | Letter

Jul 03, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I was delighted to read about the fine work done by the Edmonds Unitarian Church, in Laura Daniali’s article in the June 26 Beacon [Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church stands on the side of love,” The Beacon, page 1, June 26].

Edmonds should be a place where all are welcome, something that LGBT people have not always felt. But with marriage now legal, more and more of us are starting to feel like real neighbors, fully equal.

Thanks to the EUU, Sen. Haugen, Halei Watkins and April Cook!

But may I question one line in the article: “[April Cook] was educated in the Lutheran church, and was excommunicated for her choices.” “Choices?”

No LGBT person I know has ever felt that his/her sexual orientation was a “choice.” Not even a “preference.”

Homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is an orientation, defined by attraction, the object of affection, where and how one sees beauty, whom one turns to for support, where one finds joy and lifelong fulfillment and growth.

To call it a “choice” is to trivialize one of life’s deepest and most complex – and enriching – facets, as well as to denigrate the person under discussion.

Perhaps that is not what Laura Daniali meant, but for a group just now gaining respect and equality, words matter.

Great article, though, and again, thanks to all.

Nathaniel Brown


Editor’s note: In an interview with April Cook on June 16, she said, “I was educated in the Lutheran church, and excommunicated for my choice.” Her words were paraphrased for the story.

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